Leo's Personal Vision

Welcome to my personal web space. I created this web site and it's predecessors for the purpose of displaying my artwork to the world. In the past it was also a testing ground for my web developing skills. It still is, though it is less for testing my coding skills and technologies. I have made this latest version to work on new design techniques. I am still using it as an outlet for my artwork and as a link into my fantasy role playing game rule designs. So with that said please have a look around. If you like it please let me know, I have provided means for you to provide feed back.
Leo L. LaChance Jr.

What's New - 2005.07.23
I finished mucking about with my supporting databases and replace the non-functioning comments with a ratings system. Now all you visitors can let me know how much or little you appreciate the individual images I have placed in the galleries.

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File Name: jehn14.jpg
File Size: 116 kBytes
Dimensions: 457 x 1000 pixels
Date Created: 2015-05-12
Date Added: 2015-05-14
Info: It has been quite a while since I have drawn anything. This is my first attempt in many years. It could be better, and I have to do a full color version yet.
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