Leo's Personal Vision

This is entry point into the galleries of my collected works. For the most part the galleries are organized by character. The two exceptions to this are the Manga Gallery and the Other Works Gallery.

The Other Works Gallery is a collection of drawings that are of unnamed characters, characters that don't have a large enough body of work to warrent a gallery and just some of my general weirdness. The Manga Gallery contains computer colored pieces done in the Anime/Manga style and pieces found here will also be found in the character galleries.

The characters are from my StarQuest RPG universe and other FRPG related worlds. I may elaborate more on the characters in their individual galleries later.

Latest Image
File Name: jehn14.jpg
File Size: 116 kBytes
Dimensions: 457 x 1000 pixels
Date Created: 2015-05-12
Date Added: 2015-05-14
Info: It has been quite a while since I have drawn anything. This is my first attempt in many years. It could be better, and I have to do a full color version yet.
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