O.K. The HTML version of the science fiction rolepalying system devised by myself, my friends, and my brother is almost ready. Please keep in mind that this is a rough draft of the system. This version will remain free to anyone who wants to spend the time downloading all the pages. I expect that there will be criticism of the work and I look forward to it. In someplaces it is a bit vague and still needs added explaination and detail. This will come in time. There are also a few refrences within the work that need citing. These are leftover remnants from the systems origins or things specific to my own "world." To that end it is necessary to recognize Larry Niven for the K'zinti race which appears along with Marc Miller's Vargr and Aslan from his system Traveller. They exist in the rules system only because of my gaming world and will be removed from future version when I get around to actually creating my own alien races.
In the mean time enjoy, comment, condem, ridicule, question, and rewrite to your hearts content. For better or worse here it is:
StarQuest RPG (incomplete html rules)
StarQuest RPG (Wiki format - under construction)